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Education - a gift to our children

We are passionate about education and ensure that all our children get access to good, quality education. We have seen a spark of love for learning turn into a flame as they daily attend school, make new friends, learn a new skill, and partake in sports.

Most of our children have come to us from extreme poverty and have not had access to education before coming to us. They did not attend playschools and mommy and me classes, there were no educational games or tv shows for them. They did not get the easiest or best start in life - but they are resilient and determined! They constantly give their all and work so diligently in school. They desire to learn and grow - and as much as they didn't have the same start in life as their classmates - many of them have caught up and are excelling in what they do.

Thank you to all those who make education accessible for our children - we are so thankful for you!

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