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A piece of history!

A young, energetic & faithful mom of many, standing in the first Safe house for abandoned babies - 14 years ago!

Looking at this photo brings back memories of the early days when Tracy started this amazing initiative. It's hard to believe that one person's determination and dedication could make such a huge impact on the lives of so many children. The first safe house may have been small and humble, but it provided a safe and loving environment for children who had nowhere else to go.

Over the years, The Kings Childrens Home has grown and expanded, yet it still remains true to Tracy's original vision of providing a home and family for those who need it most. Seeing this photo is a reminder of the incredible work that Tracy and all the staff at The Kings Childrens Home have done, and continue to do, to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

Since this photo, we have seen countless adoptions & reunifications, over 400 rescued abandoned babies, we have educated many children & truly been a catalyst for change in our community!

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