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Laundry never ends!

We have all heard an exhausted parent of multiple children sigh the phrase "it just never ends"! Laundry, cleaning, meal prepping, and tidying up - they just never seem to end!

We feel the same way! So we decided to crunch some numbers and deliver some facts from The Kings Childrens Home!

We have 40 children - of whom 32 of them have their linens washed daily

All 40 children have their clothing washed daily

We wash all our children's pajamas daily

Our staff wash their own clothes daily which amounts to two loads of laundry

And we have 4 loads daily dedicated to blankets and towels!

In total - we do approximately 20 loads of laundry a day! We use approximately 60 kgs of washing powder a month and use 400 pegs on the line!

It just never ends! And all with a smile on our faces, because even in washing dirty clothes, we are impacting the lives of these vulnerable children.

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