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Art Workshop inspired by Julian Opie

Julian Opie is a famous artist who has created many incredible art pieces including NFT's. He so kindly selected our charity to fund an art workshop where our children had the opportunity to re-imagine his famous piece of "Suzanne walking in a leather skirt". The children were so excited to take part! Julian Opie sponsored a professional art teacher, a creative space, tons of colorful art supplies & large canvases for the children to work on! They walked into the art room and their faces lit up when they saw what had been set up for them!

We painted, drew, sketched, and created our own interpretations of Julian Opie's artwork. Many of our children found this whole process incredibly therapeutic and calming. The art they produced was amazing! Many of them created a reflection of themselves and were delighted with their creations. Thank you so much to Julian Opie and his team for thinking of those less fortunate and giving our children an opportunity of a lifetime.

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