Zoe's Adoption Story


I remember the first time we drove to The Kings Childrens Home like it was yesterday. On that particularly hot summer’s day we did not just go for a visit, we went to meet our baby girl. And I felt overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with excitement to meet my newborn girl and to hold her in my arms, but I also felt overwhelmed because becoming a parent (even if it’s not for the first time) is scary and filled with the unknown.


Only a couple of months before the birth of my girl we felt our family would grow. And shortly after telling our social worker about our desire to have a girl she informed us about a mommy, who was late in an unplanned pregnancy and was brave enough to give the baby up for adoption. Our social worker thought this baby may be OUR baby girl. And she was! Our baby girl was born and we named her Zoe-life in abundance. And on that hot summers day only 4 days after the birth of our girl I held her tiny body in my arms and I knew she was mine, born not from my tummy but from my heart...


On that day, I did not only become a mom (again), I also met my beautiful friend Tracy. In the months and years to follow I have learned much from this brave and bold woman of God and I am forever grateful for the role she played in my Zoë’s life!

Written by: Zoe's adoptive mom