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Benjamin's Story

In October 2008, our lives turned upside down and it has never been the same since! A policewoman knocked on my door holding an 8-week-old baby boy. He was wrapped in a towel and stared back at us with these two huge brown eyes and a big blue dummy in his mouth. This baby had been found in the bushes opposite our home, and we were asked if we could look after him for a few days while they looked for his family. We pastor a church in our area and we were considered a safe place by the local people in our community who had directed the police to us.

We opened our home to this beautiful little boy and he stole our hearts from the beginning. My whole family fell hopelessly in love with him. We gave him the name Benjamin, which means "Beloved Son of the Lord", because we knew God had a destiny, plan, and purpose for this special child of His.

Benjamin's mom was found and for various reasons, she made the decision to put him up for adoption. We were delighted, as by that time, we were completely in love with him and him with us. We couldn't imagine ever having to part, and he became our first adopted child.

Bens life became a catalyst for the work we do here. Through his abandonment, and his adoption we saw the great need in South Africa. South Africa is home to thousands of orphaned and abandoned babies, many without hope, love, or care. We started The Kings Childrens Home to make a change in these childrens lives, to find families for them, bring them into love & care and give them the life they deserve.

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