When thinking of adoption/foster care, to our family there has always been a

central theme – stepping out in faith and then being blown away by

God’s faithfulness...


In June of 2013 we were juggling bad nights and crazy days with our first two

adopted children (who were 1yr 5mo and 7mo at the time) in a one bedroom apartment. 

It was in this time that Berdine felt God say she must open her heart for another child.

Not what I had in mind at that time of my life!!! 


The feeling that we were going to have another child, and specifically a son kept growing on

both of us (despite my resistance at first) especially Sept – Nov 2013. It was in November that

we felt God was telling us He is preparing a boy for us, and his name is Noah, and we will meet

him in 2014. It was very scary, but amazingly freeing to declare God’s promise publicly to

our friends and family. Naturally there were objections and concerns raised by others as we

were juggling two under two at the time... But we had absolute peace... and instead of fear,

a joyful expectation to see God’s plan unfold.


We met Noah at The Kings children’s home on the 28th of February 2014. And there was no

doubt that this was our son. To make it even more special – he looked EXACTLY as I looked

as a baby – to such an extent that there was even more a resemblance to me than the

average biological child has to its father!!!


He was found abandoned in a shack, and he was up for an open adoption.  We were supposed to take him home on the weekend of the 21st of March, but there was an administrative glitch... We were able to bring him home exactly one month after we first met, on the 28th of March – which (not so) coincidentally happened to be my 30th birthday AND the international release date of the film Noah.

We thought that God was simply spoiling us with confirmation after confirmation, but in the end it proved pivotal to maintain our faith and courage through the next six months – very bad TB, poor connection into our family, post adoption depression and then that his parents changed their minds regarding the adoption – he was no longer adoptable.


We had always believed we were only to adopt, and his being not adoptable was rocking our boat more than all other things combined. But God is faithful, He sustained us, He confirmed that this IS our son, and this was HIS purpose for our lives, this was not a compromise, but this was His good and perfect will for our lives. The paperwork is different but the outflow of His love in our lives and our love to our son doesn’t change as we grow and rejoice day after day. 


                                                                                                                                                               Written by Noah's Foster Father