I met Jeremiah when he was one month old and had been taken in by my sister, Tracy King. He was the fifth baby that she had taken in. I cannot explain why or what it was that drew me to him at that time. I couldn’t get enough of him! The same month I met him, I also fell pregnant with my daughter. As my tummy grew with Eve inside over the next 9 months, so did my love for Jeremiah. We started taking him more and more over weekends and holidays. I had desperately been praying secretly for months that Jeremiah would be my son and that God would soften my husband’s heart to that idea and that our families would support us. When I was 8 months pregnant, I went on a Christian Ladies Retreat where God confirmed over and over that Jeremiah was mine! So I went home on that Sunday from the Ladies Retreat and asked my husband if we could adopt Jeremiah. Not the typical question to ask a husband when you are 8 months pregnant!! He said yes! Our families were so excited too. God had answered my prayers. Jeremiah came to live with us on the Friday and 3 weeks later, Eve was born! It is not a co-incidence that God grew Jeremiah in our hearts for 9 months at the same time that Eve was growing in my tummy. You see, adoption wasn’t the second best option for us - we didn’t do it because we couldn’t have children. We did it because we loved Jeremiah as much as we love our biological child and there is something extra special about rescuing a child and giving him a life he would never otherwise have known. We contribute to the future of our country when we take a child who would probably land up begging on the streets, and give him opportunities, nurturing and love that will change his life (and ours!) forever. So now, he tells everyone that he and Eve are twins. Almost!


                                                                                                                          Written by: Jeremiah's adoptive mom