My husband came downstairs one morning and said that as he was reading his Bible he felt God say to                                                 him that we must start preparing our family for a little girl that we would adopt.


                                            This was exciting news to me as we had already adopted 2 boys and adoption was strongly on our hearts.                                              I was also excited because it meant my husband was “birthing” our little girl!! He felt her name was                                                       ESTHER, and so we waited patiently for our little Esther to arrive. When we prayed for our family we                                                     always included her, knowing that some mommy out there was surrogating our little girl for us. Nine                                                     months later, to the day, I opened our local newspaper and saw a photograph and article on a little girl                                                   who had been left on a doorstep. Police had retrieved this little one day old baby and taken her to our                                                     local government hospital while social workers tried to locate her family. Something leapt within me as I                                               saw her photo – could this possibly be our little Esther?


My husband and family immediately said YES – this is Esther – go and fetch her!

I went down to welfare offices and chatted to the social worker on the case. She said no family had come forward for her and she would be put up for adoption. She also said to me that it is tradition in the nursery for the first nurse who receives the abandoned baby to name her. In this case the nurse had given her the name “Lomso” which in Xhosa means “star of the night sky” as she was brought to the hospital in the night.


That is the moment I knew that I knew this was indeed my daughter ... you see, the name ESTHER means “STAR”!!!

I marvel at how God connects the right children into the right family.... I see this all the time as I mix with adoptive families.

One of the most treasured memories I have is the day I took my biological daughters, Hannah and Rachel, with me to the hospital nursery to fetch our precious little Esther. We all took one look at her and there was an immediate bond.... we absolutely adored her from the start! She was so tiny, petite and beautiful as she lay there ... totally oblivious to the fact that she was being fetched by her forever family.



                                                                                                        I often think of her birth mom ...

                                                                                                        I will never know her ...

                                                                                                        but on this day I want to thank her for this great gift of her daughter ...                                                          

                                                                                                        our ESTHER Lomso.