Six years ago, a baby was abandoned in the bushes near the home of Tracy and Jonathan King in Glen Eden, East London. Police asked if the Kings could take the baby in for a few days while the case was investigated. The Kings run a local church in the area and their home is known as a safe house in the community. Their lives were so positively impacted through taking in this baby that they started researching and found out that there are many more children in the same situation. Out of their own home, they started the King's Children's Home to provide other options for mothers who cannot care for their children.

The King's have 3 biological children and 5 adopted children. They run The King's Children's Home, while Tracy also runs a nursery school and teaches. Tracy is also a co-founder of African Angels School that educates children from informal settlements. She also does community parcels (that includes clothing items, toys and food) and delivers them to the children in 5 different townships. She is also on the adoption board of Child Welfare East London. Tracy heads up the women's ministry in the life of the church and runs ladies retreats and conferences for women from all walks of life.

Pastor Jonathan King is the pastor of Crossways Christian Fellowship Church based at Crossways East Coast Resort Road. He preaches and counsels in the community and also teaches life orientation at Lilyfontein School and Merrifield School.

This family have been giving and still continues to give back to the community.